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Accessibility Statement

The Public Institutions of Social Security (OISZ/IPSS) are doing their utmost to make the information available on this website accessible to all, in accordance with the Act of 19 July 2018 on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public administrations. Consult the full text of the Act of 19 July 2018 on the website of the Moniteur Belge (in French).

This accessibility statement applies to the website: Mysocialsecurity.be.

Compliance Status

Based on a simplified audit, we can conclude that the website partially complies with the European standard EN 301 549 on accessibility of IT-applications. Please consult the pdf with the full text of EN 301 549 standard on the ETSI website.

Full compliance can only be guaranteed after performing an in-depth audit.

Consult the report on the simplified audit for this website.

Non-accessible content

Some pages of the website contain non-accessible content:

Some pages on the site contain files (pdf, documents, videos, etc.) for which accessibility can’t be guaranteed.

Available alternatives

There is currently no alternative for the non-accessible content listed above. However, we are very keen on removing these issues. We therefore assume that the aforementioned problems will be resolved by June 2024.

Preparation of this Accessibility Statement

We have prepared the accessibility statement on the basis of:

  • The results of the Bosa Accessibility Tool
  • A critical analysis on the basis of WCAG-principles
  • Manual checks
  • The audit report

The audit took place on 23/01/2024.

Consult the report on the simplified audit for this website.

This statement was drawn up on 08/05/2023.

The last revision of this statement was done on 24/01/2024.

Contact details

Do you have questions or comments about the accessibility of this website? Then please use the contact form.

Are you not getting an answer, or are you not satisfied with the answer you get? Please contact the Federal Ombudsman’s office at contact@federaalombudsman.be.